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We offer Membership for AuSPICA Certified Seed Potato Members (easier access to forms for certification. Coming soon!) and Affiliated Members (that will have access to the Knowledge Hub and more).

AuSPICA Certified Seed Potato Members can access the Knowledge Hub for $100, in addition to current Seed Grower Membership fees.

If you are interested in becoming a Sustaining Member, please email Sustaining Membership is open to all corporate organisations and each application will be individually negotiated and approved by the AuSPICA Board.

Certified Seed Potato Members

AuSPICA Certified Seed Potato Members signup here to access forms for certification and testing.

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Affiliated Members

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The Affiliated Membership provides access to information and technology for all potato matters. This will include access to visiting potato experts, problem solving and diagnostics, educational tools and materials on a range of topics and a detailed regular newsletter.

Affiliated Membership currently is $500 per annum.

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