AuSPICA Services/Information

While seed potato certification remains at the core of our business, AuSPICA also provides a range of other professional services to the Australian potato industry.

Seed Production Certification

AuSPICA has a team of experienced specialists who are responsible for the field inspection of 2,000 hectares of seed potatoes.

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Technical Information

It is the little things that count


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Independent Services

AuSPICA provides a range of professional independent services and advice to the Australian potato industry.


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Accepted for Interstate Movement

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Accreditation of Labs for Minituber Production

AuSPICA Accredited laboratories maintain tissue culture collections and/or produce minitubers, plantlets or microtubers.


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AUSPICA Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Topics range from seed handling and hygiene to seed storage to information on potato diseases. This knowledge is curated from world leading individuals in the industry.


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