Accreditation of Labs for Minituber Production

AuSPICA Accredited laboratories maintain tissue culture collections and/or produce minitubers, plantlets or microtubers. Each AuSPICA accredited laboratory must comply with the requirements for the laboratory facilities including hygiene protocols and processes. Each production batch is inspected and audited against biosecurity protocols and during growth, leaves of plants are sampled from the polyhouse and tested for viruses. A nil tolerance for potato virus is applied.

This is a National function and covers all early generation material (G0) entering Certified Seed Potato Schemes in Australia.

All Black Label (GO) minitubers are compliant with interstate requirements as they are grown in soilless media and as such have no association with PCN.
All minituber facilities are audited by AuSPICA and adhere to strict biosecurity protocols.

All Black Label (G0) minitubers under AuSPICA are traceable using the unique label reference and QR code.

All initial stocks used for minituber production must be pathogen tested for the absence of a range of potato pathogens listed in the AuSPICA conditions.


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