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COVID-19 update

By March 27, 2020 July 22nd, 2023 No Comments

AuSPICA has policies and procedures in place to ensure effective service provision during the COVID19 situation. These policies aim to maintain the health and safety of growers and our staff. In addition to our standard biosecurity practices, our staff have adopted additional hygiene practices specifically targeting COVID-19 prevention.

AuSPICA is taking all necessary steps to ensure minimal impacts to the Australian Potato Industry. Our professional staff will work with you to ensure business continuity. Please be respectful of the demands on our staff and have patience with the AuSPICA team. We are doing everything we can at this time.

Label printing:

  • Printing of labels will be limited to Tuesday and Thursday.
  • There is enough labels for all growers and loads.
  • Please give the office 5 business days notice to print labels.

Certification Officers:

  • Certification Officers and growers should make arrangements to have minimal people in the shed at one time. Please discuss your requirements with the Certification Officer over the phone prior to the inspection.
  • Please provide Certification Officers with 3-5 business days notice prior to inspections.
  • Certification Officers will be practising physical distancing (greater than 1.5m between persons, and not shaking hands) and increased hygiene.

Toolangi Elite:

  • All tissue culture and mini-tuber production is on target and as per schedule.
  • Please respect that at this time we are not accepting any visitors to the site.
  • The tissue culture collection is being maintained and there is no threat to its viability.
  • The investment made by AuSPICA on remote monitoring at Toolangi Elite facilities is certainly proving itself of significant value. At this time it is being used to complement onsite staff to ensure the quality of mini-tubers.

Diagnostic laboratories:

  • AuSPICA has contacted all diagnostic laboratories and, at this stage, all services are available. Should this situation change, AuSPICA will work with all clients involved.

Domestic travel:

  • AuSPICA has sought advice and approval from the relevant agencies to ensure service provision for all regions, particularly those on state borders.

Importantly we hope that you and your family stay healthy and safe. As the COVID-19 situation continues please keep in contact with your local Certification Officer and our office.

AuSPICA Office, including Toolangi Elite enquiries

  • Email: auspica@auspica.org.au
  • Phone: (03) 5962 0000

Peter Philp - Mallee/KI

  • Phone: 0419 654 245

Michelle Wilson - MT Gambier/Portland

  • Email: Michelle.Wilson@auspica.org.au
  • Phone: 0428 260 498

Barry Strahan - Ballarat/Colac

  • Email: Barry.Strahan@auspica.org.au
  • Phone: 0408 009 997

Mitchell Gorman - Gippsland

  • Email: Mitchell.Gorman@auspica.org.au
  • Phone: 0407 094 309
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